Upcycling Vintage Suitcases

This past weekend when we were picking up the 1943 Family Circle magazine that I purchased from an online auction, I spotted two vintage suitcases that were in great condition.  We will be adding these to the Designing Picker’s booth at Black Dog Salvage on Monday, March 12th.

Vintage suitcase projects have become all the rage.  Pinterest is full of ideas and photos of cool upcycling projects using these vintage suitcases.  Below are just a few suggestions






A Long Awaited Snow Day…

After one of the warmest Winters I can remember in a long time, we had our first measurable snow fall yesterday.  Many were thinking the forecasters were wrong.  How could they possibly be calling for snow when we had enjoyed temps near 70 degrees on Saturday and drove around with our windows down?

The temperatures starting dropping rapidly yesterday morning and by mid morning, the snow flakes began falling.  Below are a few photos from our first real snow of the season.

Little Miss M. came by to stay with MiMi while her Mommy went grocery stopping before the storm.  We snuggled and watched cartoons.

View from my back deck this morning.  It was a heavy, wet snow, so it sticks to the trees, creating a beautiful scene out my backdoor this morning.

With temps rising into the upper 40’s and low 50’s today…the snow will be gone in just a few short hours so this morning, I am enjoying God’s beauty, but happy that Spring is just around the corner.

The little girl in me always comes out when it snows.  The excitement of planning a snow day at home, the appreciation of the beauty that blankets the trees and mountains that surround us, and the warm and comfy feeling of spending a day in my PJ’s. Yesterday may have been our only snow day this Winter…but it was just perfect.

Let it Snow!!!

Looks like we might finally get some snow this winter and I am not worried about milk and eggs.  I am worried that I won’t have enough paint for my snow day projects so I am heading out this morning to find paint and supplies to keep me busy if I am snowed in for a few days.

Below are just a few of the projects planned for my snow days:

I found this coffee table this week as I was photographing in Rustburg and stopped by one of my favorite little thrift stores, the Route 29 Flea Market. The price was good and I liked the straight lines.  I thought it would be a great upcycle project.  The only problem is I can’t decide what color.  The silver tips on the legs give it a contemporary style and feel, so Shabby Chic is not going to work.  I would love to hear your suggestions.

I also found this great chair and although the seat has a few stains, it is in great shape.  I can’t wait to get started on this project.

I also have a chest and night stand waiting for paint, so bring on the snow… I am ready!  Watch for before and after pictures of these projects to be posted as they are completed.


New Additions at Designing Pickers…

We have added a couple new pieces to our booth.  Check out the beautiful black and white chest with the little storage compartments in the top drawer.

Having trouble seeing your watch?  Always running a little late?  The we have just the thing for you…Large commercial clock.

Stop by Black Dog Salvage on Saturday, warm yourself by the wood burning fire, pet Sally the dog, and check out Designing Pickers.


Adorable Black and White Chest…

Check out our newest item that we will be adding to our inventory at Black Dog Salvage tomorrow.  This adorable hand painted chest is perfect for a little girl’s room or preteen room.  The black and white brings out the inner princess in all of us.  Silver and crystal hardwood gives this special piece extra bling.

We also have a lamp similar to the one shown on the chest for sale.

Watch for more inventory to be added in the next few days.


Upcycling Old Brass Lamps

We have all had them or seen them in thrift stores…those shiny brass lamps.  Why not give those old brass lamps a new life? Another great way to “upcycle” while living green.

A few months ago I found a brass lamp in a local Goodwill Store.  I liked the shape of it and although it had a small dent, at $5.00, I could not turn it down.  I started my lamp makeover with a good cleaning, then I sprayed a coat of primer, followed by a light blue color, and a final coat of spray clear poly.  I added a white shade that I had on hand and the result can be seen below.

See another great example of giving an old lamp a new look at http://www.bhg.com/decorating/budget-decorating/cheap/cheap-savvy-decor-design-ideas/#page=15.





Designing Pickers Adds A Little Bling For February!

We decided to go red, black, silver, and white for February in honor of Valentine’s day.  Add a little “bling” to your home with our silver and black chest.  Perfect for a small space such as a foyer or small bedroom.

Are you looking for a small kitchen table?  It is the perfect size for a small apartment of breakfast area.  This one of a kind table would be great with two white chairs or “ghost” chairs.

We have accessories and lamps that compliment the drama of black, white and silver color schemes.

We hope you will stop by and check out our booth at Black Dog Salvage.

Introducing Designing Pickers

With a keen eye for design we turn “throw-aways” into funky treasures. We sell a collection of items from refurbished furniture, to new and slightly used pieces that we have used in our real estate staging business, and collectibles that we have “picked” from area auction sales and yard sales. One of a kind items that will add interest and style to any decor.  You can find us at Black Dog Salvage.
Jeremiah and Harmony Wright hanging the sign on opening day at Black Dog Salvage.