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Reminiscing …

For as long as I can remember I have always loved painting furniture.  Last year I decided to turn my hobby into a little business venture.  I call it my retirement fund :).

Yesterday was my daughter’s 21st birthday and I came across this photo that shows one of my early pieces.  I found this little bench that I painted, stenciled, and recovered for my office.  Dana’s little Pebbles hairdo is covering part of the stencil.  She had so much hair that we came up with this little “do” to keep it out of her face….poor baby.







Changing it up a bit…

We have used this small side table for several years in our staging business but after lots of moving, it had a few scratches on top and was ready to be retired. Instead I painted it with Annie Sloan’s Providence, distressed the edges and now it has a fresh new look in another staged home.











We put it in the Designing Pickers booth at Black Dog Salvage last month but it did not sell so it went back to the warehouse.




















It now provides a much needed pop of color in one of the Shows Great Staged Homes for sale but it will be for sale soon…so watch for it at Designing Pickers.

Upcycling Vintage Suitcases

This past weekend when we were picking up the 1943 Family Circle magazine that I purchased from an online auction, I spotted two vintage suitcases that were in great condition.  We will be adding these to the Designing Picker’s booth at Black Dog Salvage on Monday, March 12th.

Vintage suitcase projects have become all the rage.  Pinterest is full of ideas and photos of cool upcycling projects using these vintage suitcases.  Below are just a few suggestions






Upcycling Old Brass Lamps

We have all had them or seen them in thrift stores…those shiny brass lamps.  Why not give those old brass lamps a new life? Another great way to “upcycle” while living green.

A few months ago I found a brass lamp in a local Goodwill Store.  I liked the shape of it and although it had a small dent, at $5.00, I could not turn it down.  I started my lamp makeover with a good cleaning, then I sprayed a coat of primer, followed by a light blue color, and a final coat of spray clear poly.  I added a white shade that I had on hand and the result can be seen below.

See another great example of giving an old lamp a new look at http://www.bhg.com/decorating/budget-decorating/cheap/cheap-savvy-decor-design-ideas/#page=15.